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Four Tell-tale Signs You Should See a Dentist

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Dr. Michael Han
Four Tell-tale Signs You Should See a DentistMany people take a relaxed approach when it comes to dental care, and they avoid routine check-ups with the belief that their teeth are in peak condition. Unfortunately, the habit of brushing your teeth on a daily basis may not prevent problems from cropping up. You still could still get damaged teeth from the effect of the food and fluids that you drink, and from grinding. Luckily, it is easy to spot some warning signs so look out for any of them.

You get excruciating toothaches

If you find that there is always a pain in your teeth, it may be an indicator that something is amiss. Bacteria could be present in your teeth and make their way toward the nerve centers. This development of bacteria accelerates the process of tooth decay. This is why you should contact our team to have the problem addressed. This will also reduce the chance of needing more invasive treatments like teeth extraction and instead finding a less complicated solution like cleaning and filling the teeth.

Complications with your teeth like inflammation, bleeding or soreness

Inflammation of your gums presents a high risk of tooth loss, so it would be wise for you to see our team if you experience discomfort in your gums. Symptoms of illness in your gums could also indicate the initial stages of gingivitis, and it would be advantageous to treat it earlier on.

Your teeth become loose or begin to shift

This could indicate periodontal gum disease, a condition that takes longer to manifest. Many patients usually go to the dentist when the condition has worsened and requires invasive treatment. When detected early, you have a higher chance of not losing the tooth.

An incomplete set of your teeth

When you notice that your teeth are becoming loose or shifting, you should contact us immediately. When you have some missing teeth, you could make the remaining teeth more vulnerable. If you are looking to see a dentist, contact us today.


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