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Commonly Overlooked Dental Problems You Should Never Ignore

Posted on 8/22/2022 by Dr. Michael Han
Commonly Overlooked Dental Problems You Should Never IgnorePain and cavities are not the only things that should tell you to see a dentist. Other reasons need special attention, even without severe symptoms.

You might follow proper oral hygiene every day and still develop these problems. The dentist might notice the issue during your regular visit. Learn more here about commonly overlooked dental problems you should never ignore:


Many people grind their teeth unknowingly, whether when asleep or even awake. It may be because of stress or sleep apnea.

Bruxism can cause severe damage to your teeth as they weaken the enamel exposing the nerves. It will help if you see a dentist as soon as you realize you are grinding your teeth to prevent more damage to the teeth.


Gum diseases do not seem serious during the first stages. You may experience bad breath in the morning without knowing you have an underlying problem.

Visit our dentist about your breath and other things you notice in your appointment. After some tests, the dentist will know if you have gingivitis and get treatment before you lose your teeth.

Gum Recession

If you brush your teeth vigorously, you may cause wear out of the gum tissue. By this, you will expose your inner tooth that doesn't have enamel.

You should visit the dentist immediately if you check your gum lines and notice they are not in the correct position. Also, feeling the changes in temperature in your mouth can be a sign you have gum recession.

Teeth Sensitivity

Your teeth become sensitive when you take cold, hot, or sugary foods and drinks. Many people take it as usual and don't visit the dentist.

Tooth sensitivity means your enamel is wearing out, exposing your nerves. The dentists will know the best treatment and a prescription to ease sensitivity. Contact our dentists to enquire more info about dental problems.


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