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Teething biscuits: Is it a good idea

Posted on 2/6/2023 by Dr. Michael Han
Teething biscuits: Is it a good ideaThe development and growth of the baby's first teeth can be exciting. However, it can also cause discomfort and pain to the child. Giving the child relief while teething is one of the reasons for teething biscuits. We will share how teething biscuits are necessary and how to introduce them.

Teething Biscuits

Teething is the process in which teeth appear from the gums in a child. It starts between the ages of four months to two years. Teething has uncomfortable effects such as bleeding, drooling, and swollen gums. The discomfort can be mitigated by teething with toys and biscuits when the baby is teething. These biscuits dissolve in the mouth when eaten by the child. They stimulate the child and soothe them. The soothing feeling makes the child feel less pain and discomfort.

Safety of Teething biscuits

The primary benefit of teething biscuits is that they help introduce the child to solid food. The safety of teething biscuits highly depends on the child. Tooth decay and caries are the most common dental diseases among children. These diseases are caused by acids from food and drinks in the mouth. For this reason, some dentists advise against using teething biscuits because of the sugar that may lead to decay. A child can be introduced to solid food by six months. The age does not mean that teething biscuits should be introduced. Apparent supervision of the children while giving small amounts of teething biscuits is required.

Offering care

Giving or not giving teething biscuits may influence the chances of getting cavities. It is best to look for teething biscuits that have no sugar. The gums of the child should be regularly wiped. As the child grows, the teeth should be cleaned with soft bristles. Cleaning teeth and wiping gums should be done daily. Teething toys can also replace biscuits to reduce the chances of contracting cavities. Making sure that the child is introduced to regular oral health at a young age is essential. Check our page on teething biscuits and guidance. Call us and schedule an appointment today.


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