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What Is An Abscessed Tooth And What Causes It?

Posted on 6/5/2023 by Dr. Michael Han
What Is An Abscessed Tooth And What Causes It?A bacterial infection in your mouth can create a pocket of pus called a tooth abscess. The abscess can occur in various places around your teeth for various reasons. It can also occur around the surrounding bone or the adjacent tooth. Three common infections can lead to tooth abscesses.

Gingival Infections

Gingival infections develop in the gums and don't affect the tooth itself or its supporting structures. A patient develops irritation, swelling, and redness of the gingiva, the gum tissue surrounding the base of a tooth.

Periapical Infections

These infections form at the tip of your tooth's tip. They arise here given that bacteria can spread to the inside of the teeth to the pulp via a cavity or a fracture. The inner area of a tooth housing blood vessels and nerves is referred to as the pulp. When it is invaded by bacteria, the bacteria can as well spread to the tip of the infected tooth's root, enabling the infection to spread further to the bone where it forms an abscess.

Periodontal Infections

The infection starts in the bones and also the tissues supporting the tooth. A periodontal abscess is a result of gum disease or periodontitis. Adults, more than young people, are more likely to have a periodontal abscess. Periodontitis arises when the gingival infection is left untreated.

Who is More Likely to Develop an Abscessed Tooth?

Smokers are twice more likely to have an abscessed tooth infection compared to nonsmokers. Also, people with dry mouths are likely to develop this, given that more bacteria thrive in a mouth with less saliva. People with poor oral hygiene are also at risk. Therefore, you should regularly brush, floss, and get dental cleanings.

Finally, if you have a weakened immunity, you have a likelihood of developing a tooth or gum abscess. Some medications or diseases could lower your immune response and make it unable to fight off germs. Please visit us today so we can have a chance to spot these and more dental issues early when they are easier to treat.


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