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How Does Sugar Affect Your Teeth?

Posted on 9/11/2023 by Dr. Michael Han
How Does Sugar Affect Your Teeth?Now, picture this, dipping a piece of cake into some warm chocolate. The sweet explosion that happens in your mouth is heavenly, I know. Have you however sat down and looked at the impacts the excess sugar has on your teeth? Oral health and sugar are intertwined and it is important to understand the relation between the two. Let us dive in!

Bacteria in our teeth

Before we even dwell on what sugar does in our teeth, it is important to understand what happens in your mouth. Bacteria are present in our mouths; they are responsible for various processes. When we eat sugary foods, bacteria are responsible for eating up the sucrose in the foods and changing it to lactic acid which is harmful to our teeth. This acid is the starting point of many of the oral problems we experience starting with cavities.

What role sugar plays

When we eat a lot of sugar, we are welcoming the bacteria to destroy our teeth. Once the acid is produced, it weakens our enamel leading to the formation of crevices and cavities. This encourages bacterial buildup in our teeth. If left for a long period, it might lead to tooth decay and in severe cases tooth loss after the bacteria infests the tooth roots. It does not end there. Sticky and sugary foods like candies cling to the crannies of our teeth. As a result, they offer a perfect condition for the buildup of bacteria in our mouths. You are recommended to regularly brush and floss in between your teeth. This and the knowledge of how to maintain our oral health can add up to a healthy mouth. By understanding the mechanisms at play and maintaining proper oral hygiene, we can fight the effects of sugar and help in keeping a radiant smile. Call us today for this and more information about sugar and your oral health.


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