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Scaling and Root Planing for Gum Disease

Posted on 10/31/2023 by Weo Admin
Rendering of a dental tool cleaning plaque and tartar off of teeth at Brea Implant & Cosmetic DentistryAdvanced gum disease requires professional cleaning below the gum line to remove built-up bacteria and re-contour damaged areas. This procedure, called scaling and root planing, gives your gums a fresh start to heal and regain health.

Why It's Needed

Gingivitis can progress to periodontitis, where plaque extends deep below the gum line. Hardened calculus also adheres to root surfaces. This provides a reservoir for pathogenic bacteria to flourish, destroying gum and bone support.

The infected environment cannot be thoroughly cleansed at home. Scaling and root planing access these areas to disrupt disease progression.

What to Expect

After numbing the area, the dentist or hygienist uses specialized instruments to meticulously debride calcified deposits below the gum level. Ultrasonic scalers may also be utilized. Rough spots left by bacteria are then smoothed and planed.

It typically takes several appointments to cover every surface of each tooth thoroughly. Patients usually experience minimal discomfort afterward. Improved gum health is the reward.


Ongoing diligence is required after the procedure to prevent relapse. Brush and floss carefully around treated teeth. An antiseptic mouth rinse may be prescribed for a period to reduce bacteria.

You may need antibiotic therapy as well to clear residual infection. Quitting smoking is also imperative. Follow any additional instructions from your dentist.

Long-Term Outcomes

With the maintenance of excellent oral hygiene and routine professional cleanings, scaling and root planing can stabilize periodontitis. The gums will reattach to cleaned roots as they heal.

However, some patients still experience deeper gum pocketing and progressive bone loss. They may require bone grafts or tissue regeneration procedures to restore support.


If recommended by your dentist, proceed with scaling and root planing promptly. Treating gum disease in its early stages gives the best prognosis before substantial bone loss. As an essential part of your treatment plan, this procedure puts your gums on the path back to health.


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