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How Dentists Help Prevent Dental Cavities

Posted on 5/9/2022 by Dr. Michael Han
How Dentists Help Prevent Dental CavitiesDental cavities are also referred to as dental caries. They have severely damaged surface areas on teeth that advance into holes. The causes of dental cavities can result from bacteria build-up, eating snacks and sugary foods, smoking, and poor dental hygiene. Our professionals can treat this situation where we also give medical diagnoses and lab tests required.

If cavities are not treated, they grow large and spread to the deeper layers of the dentine. They are known to cause severe toothaches, inflammation, and loss. Regular dental visits are advised, and good brushing and flossing habits are made at best.

Tips From Doctors on How to Prevent Teeth Cavities

Don't be a stranger to our dental surgeon to avoid cavities. Getting routine cleanings helps prevent decay early on before it becomes cavities. Our dentists will also apply fluoride to any spots to avoid erosion and cavities.

We also advise our patients to select a toothpaste with fluoride as an ingredient since fluorine protects teeth from decay and cavities. Using mouthwash containing fluoride can also help prevent teeth erosion and strengthen enamel.

We also advise our patients to try and snack at limited numbers in a day. Bacteria can create acid that erodes the teeth ' enamel whenever you eat food or drink a liquid other than water. Try to avoid sugary foods from processing units. They include sweets, dried fruits, and fizzy drinks. Limited amounts of acid that break down your teeth should be limited to a few times a day. For people concerned with the health of the gums, try brushing and then rinse with Listerine mouthwashes twice a day. If these materials are not available, try rinsing with clean, warm water with salt. Visit our doctors today to get perfect services and up-to-date dentistry.


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