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How Does Stress Affect Dental Health?

Posted on 7/4/2022 by Dr. Michael Han
How Does Stress Affect Dental Health?Stress poses greater risks to overall body problems as well as dental complications. Moreover, when one experiences depression, they develop damaging habits such as excessive alcohol intake, putting their oral health at greater risk. While many people disregard the detrimental impacts stress has on their dental conditions, dentists recommend visiting clinics while on stress to help manage their general body health. Remember, early identification of dental complications ensures timely interventions which prevent developing extreme risks in your future endeavors. Some of the common impacts of stress on dental health include.

Dry Mouth

Ideally, saliva production in the mouth helps flush away bacteria which, when left unattended for long buildup, causes tooth cavities. Bacteria eat up the hard outer cover of the teeth, the enamel, which then exposes the inner tissues to infections such as dental caries. Additionally, saliva plays a huge role in remineralizing the enamel and keeps the teeth moist.

However, when stressed, they tend to produce insufficient saliva leading to a dry mouth, which then acts as a fertile breeding ground for bacteria-causing cavities.

Attempts to overcome stress conditions by engaging in alcohol and tobacco use also go a long way in causing dry mouth.

Teeth Grinding and Clenched Jaws

Depression results in frequent grinding of the teeth, a condition referred to as bruxism which causes jaw pains and chipping of teeth. In most cases, however, the condition happens at night unconscious when one is asleep. Dentists recommend using mouthguards to manage the situation as it causes extreme pain and discomfort to the point of having difficulties when opening your mouth.

Poor Dental Health

Depression results in poor self-care procedures and activities, exposing one to various dental complications. Skipping brushing your teeth and engaging in beverage intakes rich in caffeine to boost your mind results in an unhygienic oral routine. Dental caries and plaque buildup become the order of the day, resulting in extreme conditions that may require tooth extraction.

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